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Since 2003, GroovJoint has been providing quality stainless steel piping products in a wide range of applications.

Located in the heart of the Midwestern United States, GroovJoint utilizes skilled craftsmen and quality raw materials to produce exceptional products right here in the USA.

Our innovative design team can customize our offerings to meet your toughest needs.

The GroovJoint product line includes the following products:

GroovJoint Grooved Fittings are produced in Sch. 10 and Sch. 40 pipe thicknesses. The size range for Sch. 10 stainless steel is 1″ – 24″ roll groved in both 304L and 316L grades. In Sch. 40 stainless steel, the range is 1″ – 12″ in both 304L and 316L. The Sch. 40 product line includes both roll grooved and cut grooved ends. The product line also includes stainless steel Flanged Adaptors in Sch. 10 and Sch. 40 material in 304L and 316L grades.

Rigid Coupling

  • 11/2"-12" Sch.10 stainless steel pipe 300psi (20.7bar)
  • 11/2"-12" Sch.40 stainless steel pipe 600psi (40.1bar)
  • Gasket Grade E-EPDM green stripe) -30F to 230F Gasket
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Flexible Couplings

  • 1"-8" Sch.10 pipe 300psi (20.7bar)
  • 1"-8" Sch.40 pipe 600psi (41.1bar)
  • NSF61 Approved
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  • CNC 2 and 4 axis truning centers
  • CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers
  • Pickling/passivating capabilities
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