About GroovJoint

GroovJoint has over 18 years of experience manufacturing grooved stainless steel product. Our stainless steel product has been used worldwide on many prestigious projects, and our customers have repeatedly come back to us. Our product has set the benchmark for quality stainless steel grooved fittings and couplings.

All our employees are dedicated to the company and have been with us for a long time. Customer satisfaction is always the top priority for our company and our employees.

Our Line of Products

GroovJoint Grooved Fittings are produced in Sch. 10 and Sch. 40 pipe thicknesses. The size range for Sch. 10 stainless steel is 1" – 24" roll grooved in both 304L and 316L grades.

In Sch. 40 stainless steel, the range is 1" – 12" in both 304L and 316L. The Sch. 40 product line includes both roll-grooved and cut-grooved ends.

The product line also includes stainless steel Flanged Adaptors in Sch. 10 and Sch. 40 material in 304L and 316L grades.

PressJoint press end fittings are offered in a wide range of sizes and configurations (1/2" – 2") compatible with both Sch. 5 and Sch. 10S stainless steel pipe. The PressJoint fitting method allows easier installation than traditional welded or threaded piping methods do. These have a wide range of applications.

Submittals and dimensional information is available by clicking on the downloads tab.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

These terms and conditions shall apply to any purchase order or sales of GroovJoint products. No alteration, modification or waiver of these terms and conditions whether on customer’s purchase order or otherwise shall be valid unless the alteration, modification or waiver is specifically accepted in writing by an authorized representative of GroovJoint.

Designs and terms and conditions of sale are subject to change without notice.

Terms of Payment

As stated on the invoice.

Minimum Invoice Charges

$50.00 for any single order.

Shipping Terms

F.O.B. shipping point-freight prepaid and allowed on single orders having a net price value of $7,500 or more, for shipment at one time to one destination, as determined by GroovJoint within the continental United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. possessions.

Shipping on orders less than the net price value of $7,500, F.O.B. shipping point will be paid by the customer. The cost of any special packaging or handling that has been requested by the customer, and is not part of our normal handling methods, will be added to the order and paid by the customer.

GroovJoint will make every effort to ship by the scheduled delivery date but reserves the right to ship within a reasonable period after that. GroovJoint shall not be held liable for any kind of damages, including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages for lost revenue or lost sales or liquidated damages, directly or indirectly arising from delays or failure to meet shipping dates.

Orders, when accepted, cannot be canceled without our written consent. No material will be taken back without our written consent. Orders for non-standard (i.e., non-cancellable/non-returnable) material may not be canceled nor will GroovJoint accept the return of such material for credit.

Claims for corrections must be made within ten days of receipt of goods. Carriers are responsible for goods lost, damaged, or delayed in transit. For your protection, have Transportation Company’s agent verify damages, shortages or delays and note them on the freight bill.

Our Products Have Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry as Well.