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In the ever-changing world of construction management, there are always new and exciting companies that come to market in order to help reduce the contractors costs and improve
the time it takes to complete a project safely and under budget.

With that premise in mind. GroovJoint LLC was founded as a company that could deliver a complete combination of value, products, services, and personal performances. Due to a strong commitment to this critical and core belief, this has been our business philosophy
since day one.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is our global sales office. The midwestern United States is home to some of the hardest working people in the United States that we draw our talent
from. We also rely on many other manufacturing companies throughout the United States to
provide us with quality raw materials and services.

We are a company that has experienced year over year growth during a global construction downturn during the past five-plus years. That in itself is a testament to our business model. As a manufacturing company that competes on a global scale, we must
constantly seek ways to produce our product in a manner that is lean. equitable and

Lean with regard to our manufacturing philosophy.

Equitable in our commitment to balance people and profit.

Empowered by building a work force that is committed to quality.

Our management team has over 100+ years in the piping industry. Because our only product is stainless steel piping components, it allows us to be experts at what we do best. We constantly measure our performance and look for new ways to improve our product through
collaboration with our suppliers.

Our company and our employees all believe in a few basic principles;

  • Our primary mission is to serve our customer.
  • We are to provide quality products to the construction industry.
  • All of our products must be priced competitively.
  • Service is what sets us apart from the competition.

These basic principles are the foundation of our company.
Those basic principles are what makes us a company that you can rely on to help complete
your construction projects on time.

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