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Why One Should use Grooved Fittings Made Of Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel grooved piping utilizes a mechanical coupling—comprising of stainless steel or ductile iron, an elastomeric gasket and shoulder bolts and nuts—to join grooved end pipe, valves, and fittings. The pipe groove is made by machining a depression into the ends of the pipe. To assemble the joint, two pieces of grooved pipe—or a grooved piece of pipe and a valve or fitting, and so on — are joined. The gasket is situated around the joint. The housings are put over the gasket. Lastly, the bolts and nuts are fixed to secure the couplings together. In the stage which is installed, the coupling assembly encases the gasket and draw in the grooves around the boundary of the pipe to make a release tight seal in a self-limited pipe joint.

SS grooved fittings

Grooved couplings are made up of the four components:

  • The casting assembly
  • The gasket
  • Shoulder bolts
  • Nuts

How do grooved couplings work?

The groove is made using a tool that consists of two dies that roll or cut the ends of the piece of pipe to form a groove into the end of the pipe. A gasket envelopes the ends of the pipe and the casting is wrapped around the joint. The shoulder bolts and nuts are tightened with a torque wrench or other means. Once the coupling is tightened, the coupling encases the gasket and draws in the grooves around the periphery of the pipe to make a tight seal.There are two fundamental grooved couplings styles:

  • Flexible couplings-permit a constrained measure of precise movement
  • Rigid couplings-don’t permit movement and can be utilized wherever rigidity in the pipe joint is required, like a flanged or welded joint.

Stainless Steel grooved couplings, fittings and valves–are utilized as a part of an unending number of grooved applications around the world. While the grooved pipe joining idea has turned out to be synonymous with speedier and less demanding methods not all makers of grooved product are the same!

Simplicity of Maintenance

Similar attributes of grooved systems that speed installation are—elimination of welding and or threading pipe joining methods. To access a pump or valve, for instance, the coupling bolts are relaxed and the and the housing and gasket are removed. Once the service has been performed on the valve or equipment, the gasket and housing can once again be assembled around the grooved pipe. Thus, in this way stainless steel grooved systems are quite easier to maintain in a long run. Utilizing stainless steel materials will extend the longevity of your system against internal and external corrosion. Additionally, there are no toxins in the make up of stainless steel piping systems which allows this type of system to be used in potable water applications.

So go for a professional company which utilizes skilled craftsmen from the United States and quality raw materials to produce exceptional grooved fittings and couplings. Search for the company which has a innovative design team that has the capability to customize the offerings to meet the toughest needs of the customers!

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